suhnraw - slaps

Suhnraw released another beat-tape. “Slaps” is a mixture of hip-hop experimental music. Stream below and go here for the free download. And don’t forget to check out his previous releases on Bandcamp.

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cosmic island

Cosmic Island

“Cosmic Island” is Potholes’ latest instrumental collection of exclusive tracks from some of their favorite producers. The future-funk/boom-bap sound that permeated throughout their previous releases remains present here, as does the love and appreciation for soul music. The comp. features tracks by artists such as Ta-Ku, Tall Black Guy, Lakim, Suhnraw, Def-Sound & RC Beats, … You can stream and download in its entirety below.


suhnraw - soul.

Suhnraw recently dropped his new beat tape “Soul.” listen below and get your free copy here.

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