marla | madawaska valley


Marla is a German/Spanish singer-songwriter, her upcoming debut album ‘Madawaska Valley’ was recorded in Toronto and will be released April 8th via Melting Pot Music. Even though Marla sang her whole life, she never thought she’d pursue music. As her sister quit the guitar, Marla picked it and covered tunes until she started writing around the age of 15. Besides the fact that she played classical cello since age 6, she grew up with no musical background in her family.

Inspired by traveling the world, Marla is processing her lost love in these songs, softly picked on acoustic guitar. Her mellow dreamy melodies and deep airy voice might remind one of artists like Jessica Pratt and reminiscent Nico. After touring with David Celia in early 2015, she decided to record her debut album in Toronto with him as producer and sideman. She easily won over audiences playing from Toronto, over Montreal up to Halifax and all over Europe.

Out on April 8th via Melting Pot Music, available on Bandcamp.

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knowsum | hyasynthus


The Hi-Hat Club returns with Volume 7 of the Melting Pot Music producer series. The new record “Hyasynthus”, will be delivered by the 22 year old german producer Knowsum. Released November 27th, available at Bandcamp and HHV.

“Fast forward to 2015, an instrumental hip-hop record is not so special anymore. Everybody and their mother is doing beats now – from boom- bap to future beats to whatever. The scene has never been more vibrant and great records are dropping left, right and center.”

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“Retox” is the second album by the Austro-German producer group consisting of Suff Daddy, Dexter and Brenk Sinatra. The album was recorded in a small timber cottage somewhere in Germany/Bavaria earlier this year. The Betty Ford Boys moved their home-studios from Berlin, Stuttgart and Vienna into the small shack and let loose. “Retox” is a complete bass-heavy, instrumental hip-hop album … If „Retox“ follows a formula then the formula is that there is no formula.

Available today (November 28th) on Melting Pot Music and Bandcamp.

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FloFilz is one of the most promising newcomers on the German beatmaker scene. His sound is deeply rooted in the Low End Theory (Tribe not LA) school of beats and his tracks regularly hit the six-digit plays mark on SoundcloudHe grew up in Belgium and lives currently in Aachen where he studies violin. When it comes to his own beats, jazz reigns supreme over nearly any other music. „Metronom“ is his first official album, it will be released on Melting Pot MusicAvailable September 5th on Bandcamp, HHV and direct.

Watch the official video to ”Nomind’ and stream the track “Vigal” featuring Anthony Drawn, after the jump …

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palmen & freunde


The german producer and Hi-Hat Club member Dexter is about to release his new summer-vibe album on the cologne label Melting Pot Music. After two instrumental albums „The Jazz Files“ and „The Trip“, Dexter produced the beats and some of his friends, Audio88 & Yassin, Morlockk Dilemma, Roger (Blumentopf) and Chefket provides the vocals for his new LP. “Palmen & Freunde” released on July 25th, order digitally on iTunes and get the song “Roll auf (feat. Döll & Waldo the Funk)” right now, or on vinyl at HHV. And for the beat addicts, the deluxe version includes the instrumentals. 

„Ich habe organische Sounds mit 808-Drums kombiniert – es klingt ziemlich wavy, wie ein Sommer in L.A.“ Dexter

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the essence vol. 2


In 2012 The Ruffcats released their first instrumental album “The Essence Vol. 1“. Now it’s time for Volume 2 which you can download for free on Bandcamp. “The Essence Vol. 2” bridges the time until the release of “The Essence Vol. 3”, a krautfunk masterpiece from Germany’s hardest working backing band. Out on May 2.

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carpet patrol


Suff Daddy and Torky Tork are Carpet Patrol. With their new collaborative joint they’re about to release the self-titled album “Carpet Patrol”. The official release date is march 21. Out on Melting Pot Music, pre-order now on HHV or iTunes.

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urlaub in der bredouille


Our first choice record label Melting Pot Music, is about to release Twit One‘s first album. “Urlaub in der Bredouille”. The album features guest appearance by well-known artists such as Suff Daddy, Hulk Hodn and Miles Bonnie. Defenitive worth any cent, preview snippets are below, purchase and pre-order links on Melting Pot Music.

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