get your share (vol. 18)

get your share vol. 18

[audio:|titles=Jay Electronica – The Announcement (feat. John F. Kennedy)]

Jay Electronica – The Announcement (feat. John F. Kennedy)

[audio:|titles=Talib Kweli – Palookas]

Talib Kweli – Palookas

[audio:|titles=RZA – You Don’t Own Me]

RZA – You Don’t Own Me

[audio:|titles=JR&PH7 – The City (feat. eLZhi & Frank-N-Dank)]

JR&PH7 – The City (feat. eLZhi & Frank-N-Dank)

[audio:|titles=Joell Ortiz – Put Some Money On It (feat. The Lox)]

Joell Ortiz – Put Some Money On It (feat. The Lox)

[audio:|titles=Oddisee – New Beat]

Oddisee – New Beat

somethings got to give (vol. 16)

somethings got to give vol. 16

[audio:|titles=Jean Grae – Bridge]

Jean Grae – Bridge

[audio:|titles=Joell Ortiz – I’m A Beast]

Joell Ortiz – I’m A Beast

[audio:|titles=Stalley – Hercules]

Stalley – Hercules

[audio:|titles=Trademark Da SkyDiver – Skyscrapers (feat. Curren$y, Young Roddy & Dash)]

Trademark Da SkyDiver – Skyscrapers (feat. Curren$y, Young Roddy & Dash)

[audio:|titles=Chuuwee – Night life (Fast Lane) (Cookin’ Soul)]

Chuuwee – Night life (Fast Lane) (Cookin’ Soul)

[audio:|titles=MED – Ain’t Bragging (feat. Guilty Simpson)]

MED – Ain’t Bragging (feat. Guilty Simpson)

somethings got to give (vol. 15)

somethings got to give 15

Wiz Khalifa – Huey Newton (feat. Curren$y)

DJ Mitsu the Beats – Stolen Moments (feat. Audessey Ofmass Influence)

Little Brother – Curtain Call

Ghostface Killah – Together Baby

The Left – Desperation

Joell Ortiz – Night Train (feat. Novel)

somethings got to give (vol. 12)

somethings got to give 12

[audio:|titles=Nottz – The Cycle (feat. Joell Ortiz)]

Nottz – The Cycle (feat. Joell Ortiz)

[audio:|titles=Kyo Itachi – The Touch (feat. John Robinson)]

Kyo Itachi – The Touch (feat. John Robinson)

[audio:|titles=Jrocc & Med – Salute (feat. Wild Child)]

Jrocc & Med – Salute (feat. Wild Child)

[audio:|titles=Consequence – Take It To The Classics]

Consequence – Take It To The Classics

[audio:|titles=7L & Esoteric – The Most Rotten]

7L & Esoteric – The Most Rotten

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get your share (vol. 14)


[audio:|titles=The Stuyvesants – Taaffe Place Theme]

The Stuyvesants – Taaffe Place Theme

[audio:|titles=eLZhi – Undefeated Freestyle]

eLZhi – Undefeated Freestyle

[audio:|titles=Smoke DZA – Crazy Glue (feat. Cory Gunz & Big Sant)]

Smoke DZA – Crazy Glue (feat. Cory Gunz & Big Sant)

[audio:|titles=DJ Doo Wop & Joell Ortiz – Do Thangs]

DJ Doo Wop & Joell Ortiz – Do Thangs

[audio:|titles=Pharoahe Monch – Clap (Live In London)]

Pharoahe Monch – Clap (Live In London)

[audio:|titles=DāM-FunK – Things That Dreams Are Made Of]

DāM-FunK – Things That Dreams Are Made Of

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get your share (vol. 9)

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[audio:|titles=Black Milk – Distortion (feat. Melanie Rutherford)]

Black Milk – Distortion (feat. Melanie Rutherford)

[audio:|titles=J-Swift – I’ll Do Mine]

J-Swift – I’ll Do Mine

[audio:|titles=Joell Ortiz – A One Two]

Joell Ortiz – A One Two

[audio:|titles=Slakah the Beatchild – B-Boy Beef]

Slakah the Beatchild – B-Boy Beef

[audio:|titles=Trek Life – Wow]

Trek Life – Wow

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