the great year


The Black Opera’s new album “The Great Year” drops tomorrow, on September 30th on Mello Music Group. Produced by Tall Black Guy, Waajeed, yU, Arjun Singh, Jansport J, Slot-A and The Black Opera. (Pre-)order now on Bandcamp. Stream the preview tracks/album after the jump.

” The new album’s influences musically are as diverse as they are aesthetically. From tribal rhythms to overdriven synths and from pulsing drums to intimate vocals, The Great Year’s sound is distinctly its own. Taking on a modern day palette, TBO has envisioned a new world, musically. With orchestration from creative minds like Tall Black Guy, Waajeed, yU and Arjun Singh, The Black Opera have assembled a team to help them communicate their message to the world.”

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i forget where we were


Ben Howard is pleased to announce the release of his forthcoming second studio album. ‘I Forget Where We Were’ is the follow up to 2011′s ‘Every Kingdom’, it will be released through Island Records on the 20th October 2014. Pre-order CD/Vinyl direct or digital on iTunes or Amazon. Below you’ll find three tracks taken from the LP.

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take it ..


Leron Thomas currently makes major moves – with Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Jason Moran (Blue Note) and Guts (Heavenly Sweetness) – he now released his collaboration LP with Malik Crumpler entitled ‘Take It..’. Out now on On-Point Records, available at Bandcamp (vinyl/digital), or on iTunes.

“Leron Thomas makes it clear with his latest project ..Take It that he has no intention of being bound by genre or held back by being independent. With a soulful electronic vibe Thomas delivers his most challenging album yet. Co-produced with Malik Crumpler, one would never guess this was recorded by the two, home-studio style in NYC. The tracks weave in and out with a knowing sense of chord progression, cutting wit and moments of hilarity. Coupled with new music videos, Thomas shows he has no intention of slowing down and has a seemingly endless pit of creativity.” -2013

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floating underwater


Tokyo-based producer Daisuke Tanabe recently released ‘Floating Underwater’ on Ki Records/Cat-Eat-Mosquito. After his debut album in 2009 and the collaboration with Kidkanevil under the name Kidsuke, ‘Floating Underwater’ is his second full-length LP. Out on CD, 2×10″ vinyl and digital on iTunes. You can now stream the entire album on hypem.

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sweet talk


UK-based hip hop and electronic producer Vanilla issued his new beat-tape entitled “Sweet Talk”. After 2011′s ‘High Life‘ in 2011 and followed by ‘Soft Focus‘ in 2012 the new tape is the third and final instalment of his soul-inspired series. It features 27 soul-sampling instrumentals produced over the past two years. Available on Bandcamp.

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forgotten songs vol. two


Adam Scrimshire just released the second volume of his “in between” series. ‘Forgotten Songs’ features six unheard songs. ‘Saltwater’ featuring Matthew Halsall was written and recorded just a few short weeks after his first album ‘Along Came The Devil One Night​‘ in 2009. ‘Driftwood’, is an acoustic guitar track, he played it while recording ‘The Hollow‘. Modified Man, Fuselage, 7th Tide, A Place For Everything – all experiments.

“… but I myself have been fairly unsettled since then and don’t know what the next album step for me is if, in fact, there should be one at all. These were slated for a new and different project, but, I decided to clear the cupboards and get rid of everything, so here they are. Last time I kind of just pulled them together and put them out, this time I’ve tried to build something a little more cohesive for you – hopefully you can enjoy this while I decide what to do next!”

Download the EP for free or give a little contribution on bandcamp Volume One is also still available.

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all guitar


We stumbled across Richard Houghten’s music on the skateboard video ‘Urban Isolation’ by Russell Houghten (watch the video below). Richard Houghten is from Oakland/United States, he started playing guitar as kid and loved working with a tascam 4 track recorder, making use of over dubbing and flipping over the tape to record in reverse. For the album ‘All Guitar’, he used only one acoustic guitar, and manipulate and change it as much as he could to reach out of its normal boundaries. Released April 8th 2014, available for free on Bandcamp.

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a calf born in winter


Khruangbin is a three-piece band from Texas, formed of Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald Johnson on drums. Mark and DJ’s roots are in R&B, Hip Hop and Gospel having played within the same gospel band for years. Both professional musicians, Mark began teaching Laura how to play bass in the summer of 2009. As such, Laura quickly developed a huge passion for the instrument and the aesthetic it brought to music she loved. Having worked studiously on developing her skills, both Mark and Laura were invited to tour with Ninja Tune’s YPPAH supporting Bonobo across his 2010 American tour.

The tour galvanised the two of them to start making music together more seriously, sowing the first seeds of Khruangbin. Taking influence from 1960′s Thai funk – Khruangbin literally translates to “Engine Fly” in Thai – the two took a trip to a barn deep in the Texas countryside and jammed for the entire weekend, developing a sound which was steeped the bass heavy, psychedelic sound of their inspiration. Khruangbin was formed, with D.J. the natural go to for drums. The band recently signed to LNT offshoot Night Time Stories, with an album planned in 2015. Get their first single ‘A Calf Born In Winter’ now on iTunes.

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wayniac mondays


Jonwayne dropped a few tracks during the last six mondays – he’s now working on his follow-up LP to ‘Rap Album One’. All tracks produced by Jonwayne, featuring vocals by Quelle Chris, Zeroh and Scoop Deville – artworks by Gangster Doodles. Get most of the tracks on Audiomack.

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