Dusty Milk Crates Vol​.​ 3


This is Condensed Milk’s final installment from the third volume series of Instrumental Compilations. Amin PaYnE and Jackson Miles have carefully selected a number of beat makers that we feel embody the essence of creativity outside of the status quo and represent a part of their city’s involvement in the beat movement. Condensed Milk are proud to have each artist on board the Dusty Crates project as we hope to bring theIr music to a much larger audience. Tracklist and free download available below!

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retrospect suite

Weedy of 40 Winks – Retrospect Suite

In a repeatedly rephrased metaphor of vinyl archaeologists digging for samples and re-constructing music from tiny pieces and fractions of long lost sounds, Weedy of 40 Winks is actually a rare example of this image being executed to perfection. His puzzling way of piecing together intricate beats, rich in details, breaks and variations, is rather analogous to surrealist art than to most of his fellow contemporary beat-smiths. On top he adds his own instrumentation to perfect these compositions, being like a conservator creating mosaics of rhythms, grooves and harmonies, giving the listeners imagination ample space to wander about.Digital download of “Retrospect Suite” at Bandcamp or iTunes physically at or Rush Hour.

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bubblers 9

Gilles Peterson - Brownswood Bubblers Nine

Volume Nine of Gilles Peterson’s compilation series “Brownswood Bubblers” features tracks by great artists such as Lady, Hiatus Kaiyote, Slakah The Beatchild, The Hics, Hackman, Belleruche, Max, Trio Tekke, The White Lamp, Romare, Diggs Duke, Bev Lee Harling, Troumaca, Gentlemen Of The Road featuring Eliza Carthy and Memotone. Stream the album teaser below, release-date is 10th December via Brownswood Recordings or iTunes.


1. Lady – Money
2. Hiatus Kaiyote – Nakamarra
3. Slakah The Beatchild – Wanna Do
4. The Hics – Lines (Demo Version)
5. Hackman – Forgotten Notes
6. Belleruche – Wasted Time (Ross PTH Remix)
7. Max – Devil Woke Me Up This Morning
8. Trio Tekke – InDa (Alt. Version – Excerpt)
9. The White Lamp – Make It Good
10. Romare – Freedom (Aspirations Of A Prisoner)
11. Diggs Duke - Nine Winning Wives
12. Bev Lee Harling – Private Life Of A Puppet
13. Troumaca – Layou (Demo)
14. Gentlemen Of The Road – Hidden Depths feat. Eliza Carthy
15. Memotone – Down Illusion

derek dumont

Derek Dumont

Derek Dumont producer, composer and beat maker from LA premiered his new video to “Yesterday”. Check out his soundcloud uploads below and have a listen to his soundtrack for the documentary “Only God Could Hear Me” here. Get the song “One Night In Charlotte” for free download via GiantStep.

“As much as I want to make music that is fresh and stimulating, I want to make music that communicates on a therapeutic level, without being boxed into any specific genre. A level that allows people to escape to their concentrations.”

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now listen to this

Now Listen To This Vol. 8

Volume Eight comes with free downloads by great artists, producers and remixers like Karriem Riggins, Singularis, The Reflex, Fid Mella, David Dallas, Kwatro & flako, Dag Savage alias Johaz & Exile, Steely Chan and Action Bronson.


tatas plottn

Fid Mella - Tatas Plottn

„Tata’s Plottn“ is South Tyrol slang for „Dad’s Records“. Fid Mella produced the records over the last two years in his home-town Meran. Whenever he was visiting his family, he headed straight to his father’s records collection and chopped beats on the spot. Mella’s father was a serious prog-rock head which you can easily tell when listening to this record. Have a listen to the album, and the free track “Henny” below. Bag the album physical at HHV or digital on iTunes. Go here to stream 2012 released Brenk and Fid Mella’s “Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 4 – Chop Shop”.

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Thelonious Martin – MCMXCII Instrumentals

Chicago-based producer Thelonious Martin who for notable Hip Hop artists such as Action Bronson, Curren$y, Pac Div, Mac Miller, Rockie Fresh, Hodgy Beats, Skyzoo and many others. On his 20th birthday, Thelonious releases his latest opus, MCMXCII. It is his most personal project to date, and is an instrumental album made in the spirit of his biggest influences, J. Dilla and Madlib. The album is dusty and dirty, built around old soul and funk samples, that will bring a smile to any record collector’s face as well as turn a whole new generation onto music from the past. The album shows Thelonious’ growth over the last year, and is further evidence that he is definitely a producer to watch for years to come.The album is presented by RubyHornet and Dope Couture, and is available below.

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