skinshape | oracolo


Will Dorey aka Skinshape is back, with new tracks from his forthcoming album ‘Oracolo’. Listen to “Old Days” featuring Ivan Kormanak on the drums and “Mandala” after the jump. Released on 1st December via label Beatnik Creative. Pre-order from iTunes.

You can still stream his self titled debut-album “Skinshape” on Bandcamp.

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soul sugar | all i know


Guillaume “Gee” Metenier and Courtney John got together in Kingston Jamaica a few month back, for some heavily inspired recording session, here’s the first report of their prolific encounter. Enjoy the beauty and magic of some authentic vibe and sound. Listen to “All I Know” after the jump. Out and available on Bandcamp.

“All I know, what you reap is what you sow”

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nomine | blind man


Dubstep producer Nomine released “Blind Man” via Tempa. It’s his fifth 12″ for the label, following his excellent “Nomine’s Chant” last year – a track that could only be described as so calming and soothing that it was almost uncomfortable.

As with “Nomine’s Chant”, “Blind Man” continues Nomine’s explorations of Eastern sounds and melodies (this time using a sample from Kung Fu Grasshopper), as well as his interest in spareseness and immersive atmospherics.

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blundetto | world of


For his third album Blundetto digs further on his own musical way of soulful reggae, with a cinematic, latin or African vibes with the same team of musicians around him. He invited some guests on vocal, some famous name of the French reggae scene (Biga Ranx or PupaJim), NY MC Jahdan Blakamoore or some new comers as John Milk and Marina P.

Heavenly Sweetness/Lucien Entertainment releases Blundetto’s “World Of” on April 18th. Pre-order on Heavenly Sweetness or iTunes.

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As previously announced – our man from Swanage, Skinshape aka Will Dorey is now about to release his self-titled 12″ vinyl on Melting Records. 

»It explores genres such as funk, dub, psychedelia, electronica and more – all tied up over heavy drum and bass rhythms giving it something of a hip/trip-hop feel. The album has been recorded mostly in bedrooms and lounges, except the drums and some of the percussion being recorded in Will’s warehouse studio “The Arch” up in North London. The Skinshape sound is distinctive, rough-edged and vintage sounding. Whilst most of the instruments and vocals are performed by Will, guests do appear as either musicians or singers. Most notable are the haunting vocals of Anina on Stabo (singing in her native tongue Slovenian), and the soulful voice of London producer Aaron Paul on Sunday Morning.«

Releases October 13th on Melting Records, pre-order on Bandcamp.

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Skinshape is 23-year old Will Dorey, originally from Swanage, Dorset. His music spans hip/trip-hop, funk, reggae and anything else that suits. Long delays and spring reverbs of dub, psychedelic guitar, funky bass lines, and some heavy drums. Skinshape often records his own samples, be it drums, vocals or otherwise to 1/4″ tape before integrating into his tracks. He has released tracks and remixes for his own label Horus Records, Wah Wah 45s, DLoaw & Co (‘Secret Garden Vol. 2‘), and Mystikal Roots.

His selftitled debut album ‘Skinshape’ will be out later in the autumn this year (2014), on vinyl and digitally, on Melting Records. In the meantime enjoy our soundcloud selection.

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favourite things | 9.13

favourite things-9.13

Here’s our latest soundcloud-selection. The september set contains mostly new tracks by some our favourite artists and producers, like Es-K, Evil Needle, Oddisee, Jaze Baqti, K-Def, Slowy & FloFilz, Gummy Soul, J Rocc, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, Beat Gates, Betty Ford Boys, Oh No, K Henkka, Camille Safiya, Iamnobodi, Byron The Aquarius, and many more. Hope there’s something in it you like. Many tracks are freebies, so check out the artists soundcloud pages.



Fat Freddy’s Drop are about to release their third studio album. “Blackbird” is another perfect combination of dub, reggae and soul. With their new album the big-band featuring singer Joe Dukie are about to play the soundtrack of our summer. Stream the whole thing below. In stores on June 21, pre-order now on iTunes. Tour dates are available on the bands website.

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